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Computer Vision in the Building Industry

Computer Vision in the Building Industry

We at dormakaba have always acknowledged that construction is a largely non-digitalized industry. When I do this; We also explored the versatile opportunities the tool offers in digitization to increase productivity and conserve resources. In recent years, a new technological infrastructure has emerged that will reverse the picture of 'limited digitization in construction' that poses a significant barrier to companies and consumers.
It is estimated that the global construction industry will be worth it. Therefore, even marginal gains from digitalization and other technological advances will make a significant difference.

However, there is a game-changing technology in construction: computer vision.

What is Computer Vision?

computer vision; examines how computers see, process and understand digital images and videos. This technology works similarly to biological sense. It analyzes a visual stimulus – including “seeing” or perceiving – mimicking all the tasks performed by the organic eyes. However, unlike the human eye, which cannot provide a continuous and holistic bird's eye view of everything; computer vision tools can give accurate information and advice about processes.

In other words, computer vision automates human vision. computer vision; It has countless applications in construction, security, agriculture, retail, medicine and more.

What Does Computer Vision Include in the Building Industry?

The best known applications of computer vision are; self-driving cars, facial recognition and production robots. However, computer vision has the potential to revolutionize any industry that requires "seeing" and analyzing a visual stimulus.

Therefore, in construction, an industry that relies heavily on visual sensitivity; computer vision is being touted as the next big technological frontier. Thanks to computer vision; construction projects can go from a little or partially digitized to all-digital.

What Are the Applications of Computer Vision in Construction?

One of the most accessible tools, dramatically increasing productivity at all stages of build and planning, BIM is probably the most popular computer vision application in the construction industry.

Another powerful application made possible by computer vision is the digital twin, which constantly uses data from sensors to represent a real-life object. This visual analysis gives architects the power to see the invisible, calculate the incalculable, and make better decisions.

Simply put; Computer vision in construction provides hyper-visibility in all its phases.